• We are here to help you create digital solutions. We can produce applications in Windows, Linux or Android. Your solution can work offline as a desktop or mobile app or harness the power of the cloud on AWS or Azure. Our team is trained to analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate solutions at the highest level of speed and accuracy. Below are a few examples of applications produced on popular platforms.


    Java is a very powerful language. Android Studio and eclipse were used to produce the following Android Apps.

    • NYC High School Application Help:

      The app is designed to help NYC students choose a High School based on their location and interests. The app uses maps and geolocation to help choose from all the high schools in NYC.
    • NY Regents Prep Exams:

      The app allows students to proctice for NY State Regents Exams that are needed to earn a High School diploma.

    C# is only second to c++ in producing windows desktop and server applications. This site uses C# in the backend with ASP.NET. Design patterns like MVC and Bootstrap make this site able to scale and respond to different devices.

    • Blackboard Desktop Test Player:

      Students in college can use this application to import and prctice exams from the Blackboard Learning Management System.
    • MDB To Sqlite Converter:

      The app reads Microsoft access databases and converts them to Sqlite databases that can be used in mobile devices.

    We have experience with different platforms in Linux using the Apache webserver and MySQL databases.

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